welcome to ownership with royal arch riverside park

Here at Royal Arch Riverside Park, we know ownership is much more than simply buying a luxury lodge in a beautiful location. It is a way of life that we want you to enjoy and benefit from. Our luxury park is in a prime location, This allows you to be able to experience all the recreational activities that Aberdeenshire and Angus have to offer. From skiing in the winter months to fishing in the warm summer breeze, we are sure your perfect holiday lodge will give you the freedom to truly enjoy your downtime.

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Quality Time

Owning your own luxurious lodge allows you the freedom to take charge of your downtime. Our holiday park is open all year round, allowing you to come and go anytime.

Whether it may be for a relaxing weekend break, a well-earned family holiday or an even longer stay, your lodge gives you complete flexibility on when to escape the stresses of life whenever you choose.

Put expensive hotels and holiday costs behind you and instead express yourself through your lodge.


Get the most out of the surrounding area, the array of activities nearby is endless.

Golf has been part of Scotland's sporting landscape since at least the 15th century. We are surrounded by famous courses such Montrose - 6th oldest course in the world - Royal Aberdeen Golf Club - 8th oldest club in the world.

Situated near the coast allows easy access to beaches, St Cyrus beach never fails to impress. The beach runs for 3 miles and features magnificent cliffs and sand dunes as you stroll along.

Aberdeenshire alone has over 300 castles, stately homes and castle ruins. Visit Dunnotar Castle, previously the home of Earls Marischal, once the most powerful families in the land. Scottish history is not only fascinating but beautiful to the eye.

We are sure your visits will always be exciting. Spending quality time with your friends and family in your own luxury lodge and being part of the ownership community will be rewarding and the memories will be everlasting.

Interested in one of our luxury lodges?

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